Have you found that iview HD / xtrix tv/ ATV has upgraded to the 1.2.100 version?

Do you know what has changed in this update?

This time is has three features changed in 1.2.100 version.

1)Simplified activation steps:  After entering the activation code, you can directly enter the live broadcast, before you need to return back and then click Live.

2)Added a new decoding mode: Exoplayer. Now Xtrix / iview HD/ ATV has five decoding modes—-Exoplayer, hardware, software, vlc hw, and sync. If there are not smooth during the viewing process, you can switch the decoding mode.

How to change the decoding mode?

Settings – Misc. – Decoding mode – sync decoder/ Exoplayer/ hardware / software/ vlc hw

3)It used to be very troublesome to favorite a channel, you need to spend time looking through the channel list to find the channel and then add it.

This version upgrade optimizes this step. We can press and hold the “OK” button on the remote control while watching the channel, and then the star ☆ will appear on the screen, click on the star ☆ to add the Favorite(FAV) channel!

There are more optimization details waiting for you to discover!

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Here is Xtrix/Iview/ATV new version download link:

Iview HD:

PAD: https://iptvintvbox.com/iviewpad

STB: https://iptvintvbox.com/iviewstb

Xtrix TV:

PAD: https://iptvintvbox.com/xtrixpad

STB: https://iptvintvbox.com/xtrixstb


PAD: https://iptvintvbox.com/atvpad

STB: https://iptvintvbox.com/atvstb

Contact me to get a 3 days free trial:

WhatsApp:  https://wa.me/8617688768267

Telegram:  https://t.me/XtrixIPTV

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