Why some channels are not available?

XtrixTV is Australia’s most popular IPTV. XtirxTV offers subscriptions to the UK, Australia, Ireland, Greece, Germany, and other European countries.

XtrixTV is a major sports programming service with valuable sports channels such as EPL, PPV, Sky Box, BeN Sport, TSN, Ligtv, Nova, OTE… is a favorite among sports fans.

Since it came out in 2014, it has maintained a stable server, and now there are many old customers around the world, I believe you may have heard your friends mention iview or xtrix.

It’s really great. It has three days of free testing, and the subscription package includes 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
It not only satisfies the above four important indicators but also has many advantages:

1. Consistent service attitude.
Since 2014, iview’s service has always been the industry’s top, the server maintenance time has been 3-8 hours, and the problem processing time has been within 24 hours.

2. Constantly updated.
iview’s channels and movies have been updated based on customer feedback, almost monthly updates for 7 years. So you don’t have to worry about not seeing the channel you want to watch, because as long as there is feedback, you may find the channel you want to watch on your TV in the near future.

3. Upgraded versions for different needs.
iview/xtrix has a normal version and an upgraded version.

The upgraded version has these added functions on the basis of the normal version:

*All contents of Iview HD

*7 Days Catch-up: What if you miss your favorite match for some reason? It doesn’t matter, iview HD plus/Xtrix tv plus has 7 days of playback, you can still watch the show!

*PVR Function: Provide video recording function!

1. User can record multi-channel simultaneously.

2. User can set record timer for future event, server will record on time no matter STB is power on or power off when time is up.

3. User can record the past events as well. (catch-up events)

4. *Support Family Package: What if you have two or three rooms in your home, but you want to watch shows in all of them? Plus version is supported!

Our IPTV Family Package can be known as Multi-Device IPTV or Multi-Room IPTV. When buy 12months Subscription code, then you can pay 60% OFF price to buy Sub-Device Code to activate more devices for your family, max at 3devices in total (1 Master Device and 2 Sub-Devices).

Occasionally we also get feedback from customers saying why is the channel greyed out? If is not available why is still here. The channel is grayed out, and there is no response when clicking on it, Is there something wrong with this channel? In fact, most of the reason for this is because the test code cannot support all the channels, so some channels will be grayed out, and most of these channels are sports channels. But when you officially subscribe to the code, you can watch all the channels.

This is the Xtrix TV, the best IPTV provider!

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