Why MYIPTV can’t log in?

  1. Just wondering what happened? can’t log in to MYIPTV.
  2. I got myiptv4k, but cannot login.
  3. Why Myiptv4k in Malaysia cant log in?
  4. I need help on my account, myiptv4k can’t log in.
  5. I am having issues in logging in on myiptv4k. I logged in a couple of times since last night and today.
  6. im having issues with my myiptv4k, i didnt change my password
  7. Hi i cannot log into myiptv 4k. I forgot my password
  8. my iptv show invalid username and password, any update?
  9. Im having problem watching live TV on MyIptv, Its say invalid account when watching tv, But im able to watch the movies. Please help.
  10. may i ask your help for myiptv4k? login successfully but when go to any channel it says invalud account.
  11. I am facing some difficulties. MYIPTV4K
  12. we got problem with our myiptv4k app it’s show error wrong password and invalid id… Can help to resolve it ASAP
  13. hi there! i need help with my account, i cant log in eventhough its the correct username and password
  14. myiptv4k has issue login, its been 2 days.
  15. Hi what has happened to MYIPTV4K cannot login since yesterday?
  16. Hi good morning How are u? why my iptv invalid username or password I use my username n password from the start yesterday it’s good not today thks
  17. How come its like this? First it shows that there are other user using this account. Is my account secured?
  18. I can’t login to myiptv4k, It’s say invalid password, I never change my password.
  19. My username and password suddenly invalid. Tried many times to sign in but not success. Please help and support. Thanks
  20. There is something wrong with the login for myiptv4k.
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The answer is:

MYIPTV can’t log in, solution:
If the username shows an invalid username & password, please change all usernames & passwords to Lower Capital Letters.
If your username: MaHk1234 Password: AdaHa32
Please keyin username: mahk1234 Password: adaha32

Please restart the box after doing that.

Any other questions, please contact us. WhatsApp: +86 176 8876 8267

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