Why my QHD/QUR/UKW cannot watch?

Have you ever encountered a situation where the iptv keeps loading when using these iptvs?

Recently, in our customer feedback, we found that many customers will always load when using these iptvs to watch channels.

“Hello, I have a lot problems with the box”

“All the chains are like that each time we change the channel, it starts loading.”

“It loads and the chain does not come back sometimes we have no chain at all”

“Nothing app will start loading and when I select live TV than app close”

“The channels still loading”

Why does this happen and how we can do to solve this problem? Now I will tell you the way to solve this issue.

First: Check if your network is stuck or too weak. It is recommended to uninstall the IPTV on your device and reinstall it, turn off the router for 10 minutes and restart it, and then log in and try again.

Second: Check if the network is connected to the server. We suggest you reset the network.

If still not, please try to use your TV internet to go to this link: http://authcheck.leaddlp.com/authcheck.php?code=17

Take photos of what’s showing on the TV screen.(If it’s OK, it would come out a series number, show us.if it fails, it would show the fake. Then try the below method to adjust DNS.)

This is the link to watch how to change DNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnyuGYLkVy4

Some Internet Provide DNS server problem .then cause customer can not login to our APK .please change the network DNS server to google DNS server .

1.Go to Network setting

2.choice IP Setting

3.Change to Static

4.follow the step . on the last DNS server change to google DNS



after you change the DNS server, the Login problem should be fixed.

Have you learned it? If still have questions, or want to have a free trial. Please contact us:


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