Why my Iview hd cannot log in?

Some friends found that his Iview hd could not be used after purchasing it.

So today we have a talk about why my iview cannot log in?

If you encounter such a problem, please don’t worry.

First, check if the account is correct, you must enter the correct account to log in.

Second, check if your account is expired, some people may forget this.

Finally, if your account number is entered correctly, and the account number has not expired yet.

But you still cannot log in, that is the country restriction. Iview is not available in New Zealand and Australia.

So if you are in New Zealand or Australia, but want to watch IPTV, we recommend you to use FEXTV.

FEXTV IPTV countries: France, Arabic, Africa, UK, US, Sudan, Germany, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, Albania, Spain, Turkey, Greek, etc. Worldwide live channels, vod movies & tv series.

If you have any other questions, or you want to have a free trial. Please contact us: WhatsApp:+8617688768267

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