Why my ATV cannot watch?

 Recently, our customer reported a problem when he was watching TV programs on ATV.

“Everything is fine I can watch all the channel’s, But the problem is that after 10 minutes of watching its throwing me out of what I am watching to the main menu.”

“So every 10 minutes when this is happening I have to get in again. Which is very annoying”

“My friends never had this problem”

” what’s going on?”
To be honest, we have not encountered such a situation before, this is an unconventional problem. So we analyze through two aspects:

  1. Network restrictions, to confirm whether the network can be connected.

The customer has said that” Everything is fine I can watch all the channels.” It means that his network has no problem. So there is only one possibility.

  1. The device is not compatible.

Immediately, we asked the customer about the equipment used in the previous test and the equipment used now. Sure enough, after we communicated and tested with the IPTV service provider, we found that the box purchased by the customer was the latest model(X96 X4 Amlogic S905X4 Android Tv Box) and was not compatible with the ATV version, which caused this situation.

Finally, we suggest that if you encounter this situation, you can try to replace the device or replace the IPTV.

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