Why my Amazon Fire Stick can’t install Downloader?

A customer reported to us before that his Amazon Fire Stick could not install the Downloader.

Specific steps to install Downloader:

Note: Although the system has a ‘Download’, this Download only can search and install the app in the play store, can’t enter the download link, or download the unknown app.

So you need to use your Download to install an application named “Downloader”.

Please follow these steps to download it:

ATV boxes like Amazon firestick are Google-certified boxes, these boxes have a “firewall” like a barrier that prevents individuals from downloading third-party apps.

The system itself doesn’t completely deny you a jailbreak, you just need to do the following steps to successfully jailbreak it.

Open App Permissions:

  1. Setting–My Fire TV
  2. Developer options–ADB debugging–ON
  3. Install unknown apps-Download –ON

After jailbreak you can download unknown applications, open Downloader and enter the download link, then you can download the apps you need.

If you can’t to install Downloader or you have Downloader installed but can’t install other unknown apps. That may be because your Amazon TV Stick version is too low. You need to find the version update in the settings and upgrade to the latest version.

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