Why iview HD & Xtrix tv can’t play sports channels?

iview HD same as Xtrix tv and ATV. These iptvs have the same content and features but in different areas of use. Some people may feel confused about test code because after they test it found that the sports channels don’t work. Why it can’t work? What’s wrong with this? How to deal with it?

In fact, this phenomenon is normal. Because some of our channels (several channels) are not available to watch with free test codes. However, if it is already listed in the program list, it means that this interface is available to watch in the normally paid status, they are just not available on the 3 days of free test code.

Therefore, if you must watch these sports channels, you should make sure these channels are already here and all other contents are satisfied. You can subscribe iview hd 1 month first, and if you confirm that the whole IPTV is stable and there are no other problems afterward, you can subscribe for a longer period subscription.

iviewHD/Xtrixtv is one of the stable IPTV with LIVE and VOD, are the most stable iptv server, offer best user experience, especially for live sports time, for whom want to watch channels from the UK, Germany, Italy, the USA, France, Arab, Dutch, Turkey, India, Russia, Greece, Albania, and other countries.

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