Why does the IPTV application not work?

Recently, many customers have given me feedback that after using the IPTV application for 3 years, it suddenly won’t open, only leaving a line prompting “has been granted superuser permissions”.How can this be solved?This post will answer the cause of the problem and the solution in detail

In fact, this problem is very good to solve, because the IPTV application will be updated and upgraded, mainly to solve the latest loopholes and update the program and movie series, the new version of the application will take up more running memory and storage memory, which will inevitably lead to the TV box is not compatible with the new version, and you need a more advanced android box to run.Then we can try to pass the following solution

Upgrade TV Box

Try to upgrade your Android box, usually, TV boxes have some upgrade tips, and some boxes support online upgrades, we can run the latest version of IPTV apps by upgrading the Android version

Download older versions of the IPTV application

You can download the older version of the app if you don’t think there are any issues with it and it won’t affect your viewing experience. Older versions of the app can be adapted to the version of the Android TV box you are currently using.

But the steps to download may be a bit tedious, this is because there are no download links for older versions of the app, all the download links are for newer versions of the app and you need to have a USB flash drive ready!

1. Transfer it to a USB stick via your computer or mobile phone.
2. Plug the USB stick into the USB port of the TV box.
3. Find the File Explorer in the TV interface
4. Find the old version of the app in the folder of the USB stick and click Install.

If you don’t have an older version of the app please contact your IPTV provider!

Replace your TV box with the latest one

Reorder a new Android TV box and download the latest version of the app, this is the easiest way to get to the root of the problem as older versions of the app may automatically upgrade and it is also difficult to ensure that older versions of the app do not have bugs that affect the viewing experience

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