Why does my order fail every time?

“My IPTV expires in two days. I need to renew another year. And I try to order from your website, why is always failed?”

“Trying to pay for my IPTV and it came back with the error”

“I’m can’t make payment showing error”

“Hello, we are trying to pay for the subscription for 12 months online but it keeps saying this error message and we don’t know why. We have entered the correct card details and there is money in the account. We are not too sure why it has not going through.”

Recently we have received messages that many customers want to subscribe to IPTV but the order always failed.

This is because currently, our website does not support visa card payment. Only supports MasterCard payment. But if you want to subscribe, you can also add our WhatsApp and pay by Paypal or Western Union.

It’s okay if you only have a visa card and you don’t want to pay by PayPal, we can let you pay with a visa card through another channel, please contact our WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat +8617688768267

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