Why do you need to use Code than m3u?

Some customers have always had high expectations for M3U, because most IPTVs support the M3U format. But actually Code is better than M3U. Do you know why?

1. Activation Time

The m3u will be activated once it is generated, but the code will only be activated when you enter it into the APP, so the code saves more time than m3u. You can’t be sure how much time has been wasted by the time you got the M3U link.

2. Security

CODE is more secure than M3U. Many hackers use m3u links to steal IPTV resources and share them with more people. Therefore, you cannot guarantee whether the m3u link you get contains viruses or not. Code does not have this problem!

3. Maintenance Cost

Some people who often try different IPTVs should be able to feel that almost most of the IPTVs on the market support M3U, but not all IPTVs have Code login. This is because the maintenance cost of m3u is very low, and the code cost is very high. Because it needs to ensure the privacy and security of customers, the cost is higher. If an IPTV has a code version, it means that it is a very good IPTV.

4. Technology Requirement

Code requires more technology than m3u. This is not something I can explain clearly, but as long as you often try different IPTVs, you should be able to feel that almost most IPTVs on the market support M3U, but not all IPTVs All have Code login. Only the IPTV with certain strength can have the login method of Code.

Some people think that m3u is better than code, because IPTVs that use code to log in generally only support one device login with one code, and some IPTVs can log in to multiple devices with m3u.

But please note that although the M3U link can indeed log in to multiple devices, it is very insecure and unstable, especially when there are many people using the same m3u link at the same time, it may cause on one can watch channels. Code login is very stable, because it ensures that this channel can only be used by one person, so you don’t need to squeeze a channel with many people.

Finally, I hope that after reading our article, you can find the IPTV that suits you more easily!

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