Why do icons disappear on Amazon firestick? 

Have you ever had this situation: When you haven’t used an APP for a long time, you suddenly found that it disappeared!

As Amazon rolls out the new Fire TV interface on its popular streaming device, many users are noticing missing or broken app icons for some of their favorite apps.

This only happens with some 3rd party apps sideloaded onto the device from outside the Amazon Appstore.

Let’s show you how to fix missing app icons on Amazon firestick in the easiest way, without downloading any other apps! Very convenient and fast.

1. First hover over the Settings icon and select Applications.

在 Firestick/Fire TV 上修复灰色应用程序图标的第二种解决方案是在设备设置中手动启动应用程序。

2. Click Managed Installed Applications.


3. Locate and click the application that is giving you the missing icon issue. For this instance, we are using Peacock TV.


4. Click Launch application

在设置中手动启动这些应用程序将修复 Firestick/Fire TV 上的灰色图标问题。

Manually launching these apps in settings will resolve the issue of missing icons on Firestick/Fire TV.

If you still have a problem please contact me.

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