What should I do if my Iview/Xtrix/Atv is on the wrong device?

“I made a mistake because the one I paid for this was for the other tv”

“So what I need to do is send that back to them to use and start a new one for my tv at home.”

Some time ago, one of our customers had this problem, he bought an activation code, which should have been activated on his TV at home.

But wrongly activated the TV in his parents’ home.

As we know, for Iview/Xtrix/ATV, one code can only use on one device.

So what can we do if we bind the wrong device?

Just need to re-bind the account. 

Send your new device user id to the seller and let them help you re-bind the device, then you can watch on the right device.

Usually, transfers will be done within 24 hours.

If you want to use IPTV on multiple devices at the same time, I recommend you to use Iview plus/Xtrix plus/ ATV plus, these are support sub-device that you can watch no matter watching TV in the living room or watching TV in the bedroom. 

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