What are the differences between Club TV and iview?

    We are often approached by customers who want to become our resellers, I let him test iview HD and Xtrix TV. After we quoted the price, he told us that he currently sells a product called Club tv, which has almost exactly the same channel content, but at a cheaper price than iview, and asked if we are the same company. Club tv is not new to us, and I can responsibly say that Club tv is not the same company as our iview series, even though the channel content and layout is almost the same, there are many functional differences, which may not bring the same experience!

The user interface is not the same

    Club TV is a copycat of the iview series, and as many of our regular customers know, the user interface of the original iview series was the same as the current Club TV interface, and it was decided to change the iview user interface later on in order to differentiate between the two as different services.

Update speed

     The iview series is dedicated to creating the most high-end and best user experience, so the update frequency is very fast, the latest VOD content is updated weekly, and the version is upgraded occasionally to optimize the user experience continuously.

    As some of our customers have recently discovered, the iview series is updated every year, so if your box is too old, it’s likely that it won’t be able to run the latest version of iview.

    But don’t worry too much about whether a fast update will result in the device needing frequent upgrades, the latest version of the iview series currently runs as long as your box’s Android version is no lower than Android 7!

Channel Content

      Many users are still comparing what exactly is different about the channel content. If you’re a loyal iview subscriber, you can see that iview has added US Test channel content and a dedicated EFL soccer section in the last year or two, something that copycat ClubTV doesn’t have. Since 2013, iview has been constantly updated and the channel content and features have never stopped being optimized!

Recording function

    The iview HD Plus version has a recording feature that ClubTV does not have. Anyone who has used iview HD Plus has experienced the recording feature. iview’s recording feature is very powerful and allows you to record all channels without taking up space on your device, with 40G of cloud storage per user, a feature that 99% of the IPTVs on the market do not have. You may think that the catch-up feature is enough, but you should know that the catch-up feature can catch up to 7 days’ worth of content, and not all channels support catch-up, you still may miss some great content, but if you use the recording feature of iview plus to save your favorite channels permanently, you really won’t miss any great programs!

Family Packages

    IviewHD Plus supports family packages where you can purchase a master code and up to three subcodes for different viewing needs in your family. Many people may not realize how important this is, you can order a second device for less money, and as long as the sub-device is under the same network IP as the master device, you can log in at the same time, which will save you a ton of money! This will save you a lot of money! The sub-device code also retains the catch-up feature, which is a special package for multiple devices in the home!
   The ClubTV Plus does not have this feature, which is an important point that sets the ClubTV Plus apart from the iview HD Plus.

Suggested Feedback

    The iview series has an exclusive user feedback collection site, if you need to add a new channel to the series or add a new movie, you can provide the details on the site and we will do our best to add the content as we receive it.

If you have a feature or a better suggestion, you can leave us a message on this site!

And iview with online customer service, no matter what problems you encounter, you can give him a message, he can provide you with the free test/renewal subscription/installation and download guide/channel updates/latest discounts/resolution of any of your lagging problems


 While we don’t recommend that you use a pirated IPTV, there’s no denying that everyone’s needs are different. Even if you choose Clubtv for some reason or budget, we understand.

We are only writing this article because some people will promote pirated IPTV under the banner of iview HD. This is very unfair to iview HD as we have been working hard to make streaming better for all our customers, and we don’t want our efforts to be negated by some people and mislead other customers who don’t know about it into thinking that there is no difference between the two. In closing, we hope that everyone finds an IPTV that meets their needs!

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