WARNING! QHDTV can not use on iPhone ios now!!

WARNING! QHDTV can not use on iPhone ios now!!

As we all know, qhdtv can be used on many devices, such as:  

Android device:  android phone、 android tablets、 android tv box、 android tv, etc.

ios device:  apple phones、ios tablet、 apple ipad,  apple tv,  etc.

Usually we use QHDTV on IOS devices: Download GES iptv or IPtv smarters, log in through m3u url or log in through xtream codes api.

But recently, many customers told us that qhdtv bug again, they can’t login iptv smarters or gse.

Also many other customers say that qhdtv channels not working or qhdtv ios unable to open file.

It shows that” Please check your URL or contents are correct format.” “Unable to add user. Please make sure your m3u file or url is correct.”

Because of some changes, qhdtv m3u url has changed to another format, please note and contact your seller to get new qhdtv m3u url!

qhdtv m3u url is not available for iptv smarters or iptv smarters pro! If you use smart tv such as Samsung tv and have smart iptv, please contact your seller to get new qhdtv m3u url format!

Qhdtv will not be used on ios from this month! 

The people who wants to use iptv on ios can use FEXTV.

qhdtv now can be used on android device, if want get free qhdtv code, please contact me:

WhatsApp:  https://wa.me/8617688768267

Telegram:  https://t.me/XtrixIPTV

Here is the 2022 qhdtv android download link: https://iptvintvbox.com/qhd

If you have any problems please leave message to me, I will do my best to help you solve.

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