Solve the problem of IPTV channel buffering always black screen

Recently, some customers and friends gave me feedback that their IPTV application often shows channel black screen and has been buffering without displaying the live screen, how to solve this?

In fact, there are many reasons why the channel does not work, if it has been showing a black screen is actually a good solution!

Let’s see how to solve the channel black screen problem.

IPTV server crash

Some cheap IPTVs often have system crashes, which usually occur when a large number of channels are damaged, and most of them have black screens that don’t work, so contact your provider and tell him that the system has crashed and all the channels don’t work!

There is a lot of customer feedback when the system breaks down, so the vendor is quick to recognize the problem and fix it.

Unstable channel source

If you find that most of the channels are working and only one or a part of the channel series is not working, it is likely that the channel source is unstable and you need to do:
1. Restart the network, restart the device
2. Find the decoding mode in the settings, switch different decoding methods
3. Restart the application

4. If it still doesn’t work, try to record a video and send it to the provider and tell him that only one channel doesn’t work, the other channels are normal, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the provider, and will soon solve the problem of black screen on some channels.

Network failure

As we all know, using IPTV applications to connect to a good network is essential, network problems are also an important cause of black screen, but most of the cases are very easy to troubleshoot, just check whether the other applications are working properly to determine whether the network is working properly

IP Locked

Some IPTV applications are not allowed in some regions. If other customers are using it normally and you still can’t use it after switching to another device and network, you can try to use a VPN to change the regional IP through a VPN, but some IPTVs don’t allow the use of VPNs, so please check with your service provider to make sure that the use of VPNs is supported before you use a VPN.

Of course, the probability of this happening is relatively small, but we have had customers come back to us with this issue, and the ultimate solution was to use a VPN, and if that still didn’t work, to switch to another IPTV app!

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