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MYIPTV 4K has always been able to directly Top-up in its app, so it is deeply rooted in everyone that accounts can be superimposed.

But this year myiptv has been upgraded, removing the top up section and function. Some customers got the news after reading our previous article, but some customers still don’t know. Recently we had a client who wants to top-up his myiptv. After subscribing to myiptv for the new year, I sent him a new account and password.
As usual, he did not wait for his old account to expire before using the new account, but directly entered the new MYiptv account. After entering the new account, he found that the new account was already deducting the corresponding time, he feel very confused and found us for help.
Then he realized that the current MYiptv account cannot directly stack the time through top-up. You can only renew the new account after the old account time is used up.
So here we reiterate again—-MYiptv4k can’t top-up!

Starting from November 2021, the updated version of MYiptv has removed the TOP-UP section, and the users can’t go to the website to register an account through the pin code.

So if your old subscription time is expired, you need to renew it through the provider, after you pay the new year subscription, your provider will send you a new username and password!

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