Extra Fee for Difference USD1 Additional


You can add the amount “1” up to any order amount.

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You can enter the amount in this red box and then click ADD TO CART to pay.

USD1 (Add the amount “1” up to your order’s amount), USD100 (Any package’s deposit), USD200 (Any package’s deposit), USD300 (Any package’s deposit), USD400 (Any package’s deposit), USD500 (Any package’s deposit), USD600 (Any package’s deposit), USD700 (Any package’s deposit), USD800 (Any package’s deposit)

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Max Amount

USD1 (Any package's deposit), USD100 (Any package's deposit), USD200 (Any package's deposit), USD300 (Any package's deposit), USD400 (Any package's deposit), USD500 (Any package's deposit), USD600 (Any package's deposit), USD700 (Any package's deposit)


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