Myiptv4k is the most popular IPTV apk for Asia Countries channels, like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand. etc.

SGHDX was available for subscription in October last year, many customers don’t know about SGHDX.

So now this article will have a comparison between these two streaming IPTV.

1. Product Positioning
Both SGHDX and MYiptv4K are aimed at Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand. etc.

2. Free Trial
MYiptv4K doesn’t have a test trial, SGHDX has 24 hours free trial. You can test first after you decide to subscribe.

3. Subscription Period
MYiptv4K only has 12 months subscription, SGHDX has 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months subscription. Give you more options to choose from.

4. Price
MYiptv4K 12 months is USD65, SGHDX 12 months is USD89.99.

5. Main Interface
MYiptv4K has LIVE, MOVIE, SERIES. It will put the most popular and latest TV and movie posters on the homepage.

SGHDX has LIVE, VOD, RECORD, USER, SETTING. All function buttons are placed on the left side, the content is concise and clean.

6. Channels Content
MYiptv4K channels are rather complicated. SGHDX is mainly aimed at Singapore customers, and there are many programs that Singapore customers like to watch. If you want to watch Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong channels, SGHDX IPTV App will be your best choice.

7. Applicable equipment
Both SGHDX and MYiptv4K only support android device, including Android phone, Android pad, Android ATV boxes such as Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, Formuler Z8; AOSP boxes such as T95, X88 pro, X96 mini, etc.

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