This year, many customers have found that their MYIPTV interface has no TOP-UP.

This is the previous main interface

This is the main interface now

You can find that the other functions are almost the same, but TOPUP is missing.

So when many customers contact us to re-extend their account subscription time, we have to tell them. MYiptv can’t TOP-UP now.

Starting from November 2021, the updated version of MYiptv has removed the TOP-UP section, and the users can’t go to the website to register an account through the pin code. 

So if your old subscription time is expired, you need to renew it through the provider, after you pay the new year subscription, your provider will send you a new username and password!

If you want to renew your Myiptv, you can directly pay online from our website:
We provide IPTV Subscription if you want to get more details you can contact me:

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