MYiptv new version v1.80 apk update! 

This is MYIPTV 4K New version Download Link:

MYIPTV4K new and old version comparison:

This is Old Version:

This is New Version:

The difference between the latest version and the old version:

1) Activation method has changed.

In the old version, you can log in with your own account and password directly through pincode.

The new version is to activate directly by logging in to the account and password, no pincode.

2) Change the password.

The old version can change the login password by yourself.

The new version Password reset available, need contact your dealer to change it.

3)TOPUP Changed

The Old Version you can Top-up directly in the Myiptv4k App.

The new version is canceled Top-up function, if you want to top-up, need to subscribe again.

If you want to renew your Myiptv4K, you can directly pay this link:

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