Iview HD IPTV Favorite Channels

How to collect our own favorite channels list by iview hd /xtrix tv apk, to get better user experience, especially during the live sports game time?!

Iview hd activation code iptv apk is with thousands of live tv channels, and grouped by different countries. Still, it would be much more convenient for us to collect our favorite channels, so we dont need to waste time to search channels, and its very easy to be done.

Open iview hd apk, go to LIVE channels list, then click MENU button on remote control to Settings page, and then choose Fav Manage.

At the page, you will get all live channels list with iview hd activation code. Then just need to find out your favorite channels name, and click OK button on remote to collect!

After collected all your favorite channels, grab a beer and enjoy the football game with your pals!

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