IPTV With Recording And Catch-up Features

Recently, many customers have asked whether IPTV comes with recording and playback functions, how to record on IPTV, where to find IPTV with playback functions, and how to use IPTV for playback and recording, this post will answer these questions in detail.

Can IPTV come with playback and recording?

With the trend of IPTV, the IPTV catch-up function has become one of the most popular features. It allows us to watch our favorite shows and sporting events whenever and wherever we want.IPTV catch-up is changing the way we watch TV and has become a new source of control over the TV viewing experience. But not all IPTV services have catch-up features.

You may not have heard of recording. Catch-up doesn’t let you keep programs forever. However, the record feature allows you to keep the program permanently. What do you do when you like a particular sports program, but won’t have any free time in the next few days? That’s when the recording feature comes in handy. The recording function can help you save the program permanently until you have free time to watch it again, 

With Catch Up and Record, you will never have to worry about missing a program again!

How to use IPTV for Catch-up and Recording

Many IPTV with catch-up function, first find the program menu bar, select the channel you want to catch up, enter the EPG page, at this time if your IPTV with catch-up function will see the content of the previous few days, you can click on the time period you want to play back to watch!

Most IPTVs don’t come with recording, which is a very powerful feature.

1. First of all, enter the EPG page as the same as playback.
2. Select the channel program you need to record in the upper right corner.
3. Click Record, and add successfully. At this time, the program will be recorded automatically, you don’t need to click stop.

How does IPTV catch-up and recording work?

1. Playing and recording content: When an IPTV service offers catch-up and recording of TV programs, the recorded content is stored on the server independent of the streaming storage space, so even if your device only has 8G of storage space, you can still record more than 8G of content.

2. Subscriber access to catch-up content: Subscribers can use the code provided by the IPTV service provider to watch, even if you change the equipment recorded live program content still exists!

3. Subscriber Viewing Content: As long as the Subscriber has access to the Catch-up Content, we can view it at any time with no time limit.

4. Storage space: the length of the recorded content is limited, not unlimited, usually as long as there is no more than the upper limit is not a problem, even if more than the upper limit, as long as the deletion of some of the content has been seen can be recorded again!

How do I subscribe to IPTV with catch-up and recording?

IPTV Catch up is a popular specialty service for our sports fans. This IPTV recording feature allows you to save money and watch your favorite games when you miss them. Even overseas, many sports games are broadcast in the middle of the night due to the time difference. With this catch-up service, there’s no need to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to affect the next day’s work. It also allows you to watch missed games and events at a time that suits you, regardless of the schedule.

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