IPTV EPG information missing? 

Sometimes when you are watching tv, you may suddenly find that the EPG is gone.

Recently one of our customers found that his iview hd EPG is gone.

Somebody may wonder, what is EPG?

EPG is Electronic Program Guide. It can give you a playlist of channels that will be played. This is undoubtedly a very important feature for many people who are looking forward to watching a match.

So many IPTV provides EPG function, such as iview hd, FEXTV, Xtrix tv, Best hd, ATV, etc.

When you find your EPG data missing, you can try these four methods:

1.Clear the cached data.

There are generally settings in IPTV, open the settings, and clear the cached data. Also, clear the box’s cached data if you can.

2. Reinstall IPTV.

Some IPTVs may have this problem after the upgrade. If you find that the EPG still cannot be displayed after you try to clear the cache, please try to reinstall your IPTV.

3. For customers who are using iview hd/xtrix/atv, you can try to change EPG mode.

4. Change the time of your Android box to synchronize with your local time.

Some customers may adjust the time of the Android box to other regions for some reason, which will cause the EPG missing. Please check if your Android box time is consistent with the local time, if not, please change it.

The above are the methods to display EPG, if you still cannot use EPG after trying these methods, please contact me or send messages to me.

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