IPTV app keeps crashing and flashing back how to fix it?

Many people have reported that the IPTV app has been crashing a lot lately and keeps returning to the homepage. What is causing this?
I’ve received feedback from over 5 customers already, so let’s find out what’s going on.

Application crashes and fails to run

 “I’m having a strange issue with Iview. It’s on my firestick and has worked for three years. But now when I click the app it does not open. I have tried clearing cache, restart, force stop, etc. “

 When you have been running an app for years without uninstalling it or changing devices, and one day it suddenly stops working, this is most likely due to an app upgrade or lag, uninstall the app you are currently using and contact customer service to request that the latest download link be sent to you for reinstallation.

“I am having issues using the services at present.  the system keeps jumping out of the app and going to the Amazon home page on the stick

If your application crashes frequently and also crashes when using other programs, it is necessary to consider whether it is due to excessive caching

This may be caused by too much cache on your device, you can try the following steps

1. Try clearing the cache and uninstalling unnecessary apps.

2. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Xtrix application.

Application update pop-up alerts

“Cannot log in and cannot update the apps

Some applications will be automatically upgraded online, if your device can not be upgraded online, you can use your mobile phone or other devices to try to upgrade online, usually successful upgrade can be successfully logged in!
If you do not want to replace your device, you can seek help from after-sales customer service.

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