I want to use iptv on multiple devices, how to choose?

“Hi, I need a second app for a different room in the house. Can you tell me how the multi-room works please”

“I’m just not sure how the multi-room works”

“I have 2 boxes installed at home in 2 different room and I also use one tablet, when I travel. As such it is important that I can use the tablet independently from the 2 at home but I always only use 1 at the same time.”

“I have two TVs one smart on my living room and one with an android box on my basement, will not use both at the same time because the IPTV i bought does not support”

“Can you provide me with some information about the multi-room”

“Will want to talk to you about multi-room with the boxes in the new year please”

“I have two televisions in my house that I will be watching on from time to time”

“Sometimes I like to watch in my bedroom sometimes I like to watch in my living room. Please help with this issue”

“I don’t watch what my husband watches so I was hoping to watch on my own”

Are you also troubled by the above questions, when there are two or more TVs at home, how can you watch TV on multiple devices at the same time?

If you encounter the above problems, I recommend you to subscribe to Iview plus/ Xtrix plus/ Avt plus.

Generally speaking, a device can only have one account to watch online at the same time. But these IPTV support Sub-Device Account, which means you can watch programs on two TVs in two rooms at the same time.
If you want to have a free trial for plus and sub-device, please contact me:


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