How to use Qhdtv m3u for IBO Player?

IBO Player is a general media player that supports iphone iOS! And we could use it to play Qhdtv channels, since Qhdtv apk cannot install on iPhone. WhatsApp, the IBO Player can be found in Appstore directly.   

After installed the apk, there is 7 days free trial before making payment to activate its mac address. 

Remember the Device ID and Device Key, click OK. Then click CHANGE PLAYLIST, go to next page follow these instructions to add playlists: input Device ID and Key to login first, then add the Qhdtv m3u url playlist.

After added the m3u URL playlist, back to the app, and refresh the list, it will shows the channels list, and click it to get channels list and watch!

Welcome to contact leave comment, if any query about the app player, and also free trial m3u playlist available!

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