How to use IPTV with M3U on the VLC media player?

How to use IPTV with M3U on the VLC media player?

VLC media player: formerly known as VideoLAN Client, is an open source multimedia player of the VideoLAN project. Support a variety of audio and video decoders and file formats, support DVD audio and video discs, VCD audio and video discs and various streaming media protocols.

VLC is avilable for many devices, such as:  VLC player for windows 10、VLC player for mac、 VLC player android、 VLC player for Linux, etc. Today we only talk about VLC for PC.

VLC is one of the best media players on PC, it can play any video or audio file. Now we will let you know how to activate iptv on VLC player.

First you need to download VLC player on your device.

You can see this video to download VLC player on PC: 

After downlaod and install VLC player, open it:

Click Media——–Select ‘Open Network Stream’———Enter M3u link( You need to get M3U link for the provider)—–Then you can watch on your PC

We use the m3u link from FEXTV as an example here. After added we can see the media on VLC player. If you have other iptv package you need to enter that link to get your own media.

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Here is VLC player download:

VLC player for PC:

If you have any other questions you can leave a messages to me, i will help you as i can.

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