How to use IPTV on iPhone/iPad?

Most streaming applications can’t be found on the apple store. Someone may wonder is possible to use IPTV applications for these devices?

The answer is yes.

If you want to use IPTV on your ios device, iPhone, iPad, Apple tv, etc. This article may help you:

In fact, none of the streaming services can be directly used on ios devices.

We need to use professional streaming media players to use IPTV. Here we will recommend some stable and mostly usable media players.

1. IPTV Smarters Pro

Many people are using this player, it is very stable, and it has many login methods on android devices, such as Login with Xtream codes API, login with m3u/URL.

In most regions, it only can log in with Xtream codes API format. If your iPhone/iPad only has this format to log in, you need to contact the IPTV provider and let them send you the login account in the corresponding format.

2. GSE Smart IPTV Player

The number of users of this one is also very large. One of its great advantages is that it has many login methods on most ios devices.

Many people don’t like to log in through the xtreams codes api format, because this format requires entering the name, account password and url. Very cumbersome, and it is easy to mistype the url.

The M3U format is very convenient, you can use it directly by copying and pasting the link.

There still have many other streaming players on ios devices, such as KODI, VLC, Ssiptv, etc.

In fact, the way to use these players is basically the same. It mainly depends on personal usage habits, and some people may be used to using VLC or other players.

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