How to use Cloud PVR Function on IPTV

iview HD Plus version has two functions, one is catch-up, the other is Cloud PVR function.

So how to use Cloud PVR Function on iview HD Plus? Now will let you know the recorded tutorial.

First of all, we also check whether the program can be recorded through the EPG schedule, which is the same as checking whether there is a 7 days Catch Up.

1. Open a channel, click the menu button on the remote control, and the EPG schedule will appear.

2. Click on a random time period to jump to EPG detail. We can see in the image below that it has Play, Record, and Record Series.

3. If you click Record directly, the whole series will be record, if you only want to record a certain period of time, then click on Rrcord Series, the following picture will be displayed. You can choose the time period you want to record. Then click OK to record.

4. After the recording is successful, go back to the main page to open the PVR, and you can see the program you recorded.

Other Tips need to note:

  1. Users can record multi-channel simultaneously. Now we don’t have a limitation, For example, user can watch sport live channel and record UK, GR, DE channels at the same time.
  2. Users can set record timer for a future event, the server will record on time no matter STB is power on or power off when time is up.
  3. Users can record past events as well. (catch-up events)
  4. The Capacity of each user’s Record time is 40Hours.
  5. Users can only record the entire EPG event, User cannot decide when to start/stop. No matter when the user starts to record, the server will record the current event completely. For example, if the current event is from 9:00-10:00, and the user starts to record at 9:30, the server will still record 9:00-10:00.
  6. if there are recording events under processing, in the Top-right corner of the full screen, the user will see a Red Circle with Numeric inside, the Numeric represents current record tasks. The Numeric doesn’t include the schedule record tasks.

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