How to transfer IPTV to a new device

As we all know, most IPTVs don’t support logging into multiple devices at the same time, but if the old device is broken and you need to replace your IPTV account with the new device what should you do? Many people who log in to a new device will see that the account is already in use or that it is already logged in on another device.This post will address the issue of replacing a device through different IPTV scenarios

Some IPTVs are bound to a device ID and require the IPTV code to be unbound, you need to send the code to customer service support and wait for customer service to unbind the code, after unbinding you can log in again to the new device.

Some IPTV replacement devices need to reset the code, it will replace your code again, and you need to enter the new code, but it will not change the content of the code, the time of use, and the remaining time will not change.

Another kind of IPTV needs you to provide the original code and the User id of the new device, please note that it is the User id of the new device, you need to download the IPTV application to the new device, usually, you can see the User id on the page of inputting the code, tell the customer service support about the code and the User id of the new device, usually it will complete the transfer of the code in one day, and it won’t change the code, you just wait for some time and try to log in to the new device!

Usually, this kind of IPTV consists of an account and a password that can be used through the player, which is the easiest, you can find the account information in the settings and then choose to log out and log in to the new device using the same account information.

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