How to stop IPTV freezing, skipping, buffering

I don’t know if you have ever encountered such a situation, when you are watching Live, especially when a large match is broadcast live, there will be a situation of stuttering. Or skipping especially when changing channels.

In fact, these issues all can be solved. Do you know how to stop IPTV keep buffering?

See these 5 tips to stop IPTV freezing, skipping, and buffering.

1. Use a network cable to connect
All IPTV needs a good network environment to run well, especially when you want to watch 4K movies, the network speed must meet the requirements, otherwise you can’t avoid the lagging phenomenon. Using WIFI connect a box is actually far from the router output rate. So the first way you need to do is try using a network cable to connect your box when your IPTV continues to lag. Especially when you use a box that supports 1000M (such as X88 PRO 20), the side of the box have a Gigabit Ethernet port, which is expected to be able to use the network cable connection to achieve the best results of the use of the box.

2. Restart the router
Understandably, with the advancement of technology, more and more users are using WIFI connections. The traditional network cable connection method is gradually fading out of the public’s field of vision, so there are many users who do not have network cables at home, or cannot use network cables for some reasons. So for the second method, you can try to turn off the router for 10 minutes, then restart it, and then turn on your IPTV to log in again.

3. Change the Decoding Mode
In fact, many IPTVs have different resolutions and decoding modes, just to ensure that different customers can have different viewing experiences. Some users may have devices and network environments that support 4K viewing at home, while others may only support HD viewing at home. Therefore, in the same IPTV, there are multiple decoding methods. Another reason is because some regions will block this input method. For example, FEXTV has three decoding modes. Generally speaking, DNS1 can be selected, but for some blocking IP country choose DNS 2 ,like Europe, Africa etc.
In fact, in normal times Users can also switch the decoding mode to choose the most suitable mode for use.
You can see this article to know how to change the decoding mode:

4. Clear device memory
When a device is too old or there are too many downloaded apps, it may cause insufficient device memory, resulting in freezes when watching IPTV, so you can also choose to try to clear the device memory to see if the freezer situation can be improved.

5. Server is under maintenance
If you have tried the above four tips and both cannot work, you may consider contacting your IPTV provider to ask if the IPTV is under maintenance. Sometimes the maintenance of individual channels of the server or the maintenance of certain regions will also cause the IPTV freezing.

Finally, in fact, most of freezing, buffering are related to the equipment and the way of use.
Good usage habits and the equipment that matches the IPTV can keep you away from the freezes. Therefore, before choosing an IPTV, we recommended that everyone test it first to see if it is suitable.

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