How to solve MYiptv 4K broker service not available?

Now we have some customers contacting us and asking if the server is down. They can’t watch the channels, someone even can’t login. So how to solve MYiptv 4K broker service not available? Or how to solve the problem of MYiptv shown: there was a problem checking the version : #4 : error from server?

The reason why MYiptv/SGHDX can’t login, the reason for the inability to log in is due to the DNS restrictions of the network provider.

Here is the way to solve this problem is to change the network IP address:
1. Open your device and select Setting-Network-IP settings-Static

2. Change the IP address change to

3. Gateway address change to

After changing, it can work normally. If you still have any other issues pls let me know!

If you changed the DNS still can’t work, please delete the old app and install the new version from this link:

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