How to set up IPTV Family Pack?

Many users have multiple devices at home, but most IPTV app accounts do not support logging in to multiple devices at the same time, how to set up the Family Pack app? How to get the best discount when ordering multiple devices? This article will detail how to set up a home app package and how to subscribe to an IPTV home package!

1. First of all, not all IPTV applications have a Family Package Subscription, here is an example of the setup process for applications with a Family Package Subscription.

2. IPTV family packages usually have a master device, first download the master device application on the master device, enter the test code after successful download (if there is no download link and test code, you can seek customer support), and after successful activation, you will be able to watch most of the live channels successfully!

3. After the master device is activated successfully, download the application of the sub-device in the sub-device, note that the application of the sub-device is not the same as the application of the master device, but the content is exactly the same!

4. After the sub-device application is downloaded successfully, you will be asked to bind the code of the master device, at this time you can input your master device code, after inputting successfully, the sub-device application will be restarted automatically.

5. After restarting, enter the code of the sub-device to activate the sub-device successfully.

6. Please note that when two devices are online at the same time, you must ensure that you use the same IP address.
Try not to use VPN, VPN will change the network IP.

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