How to Resolve Authorisation Failure Problems of IPTV Hosts?

Recently, a customer told me that when he uses an IPTV player, there is an error message “Authorisation Failed for above host“.The device he was using was an LG Smart TV, so if you’re experiencing the same problem, you’re lucky you found the right solution!

    Most LG Smart TVs don’t support the use of third-party apps, so, likely, your TV doesn’t support the use of an IPTV player, or of course, you’ve entered the wrong host address, which you can troubleshoot by following these steps

  • Check that the username, password, and host are entered correctly.
  • Whether you have logged in to other devices, usually IPTV accounts do not allow simultaneous login to multiple devices, if you have already logged in to other devices, please log out of the successfully logged-in device.
  • If you are still unable to log in to your LG TV and you are sure you are not logged in to another device, please try to log in using the same player on another device, if the login is successful, then your LG Smart TV does not support this player.
  • Try downloading other players, the ones that fit most smart TVs (Hisense/Samsung/LG) are SSIPTV, Smartone iptv, FLIX
  • If you don’t know how to use these players check out the previous blogs!

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