How to log out iview HD?

Many people want to know how to log out iview hd and use it on a new device.

In fact, iview hd code can’t be logged out. Same as Xtrix tv code and ATV code.

Unlike other IPTVs, many people don’t know that iview hd, iview hd plus, xtrix, xtrix plus, atv, atv plus, these codes are used by binding the User ID of the device.

When you open iview or xtrix and the plus version, there is a User ID in the account info.

Each device has its own User ID. This User ID is equivalent to the IP address of the device you use. We need to bind the code to this User ID then we can use Xtrix or Iview hd.

Therefore, when you bind the code with this device, you cannot log out manually because it is already bound to this device. So if you want to change devices for some reason, how should you watch shows on the new device with the original code?

It’s very simple, you just need to open the new device’s iview or xtrix, open the settings and find your User ID. Then contact your provider, tell them the User ID of the device you need to rebind and your iview/xtrix code, the engineer will rebind it for you directly in the backend. It usually takes 24 hours to bind successfully.

Once the binding is successful, you don’t need to enter your code again, just open it and you will see that your code is already bound to your new device.

Because of this feature, iviewHD is not code-based, but rather your device is the main focus. So it has the additional advantage is that you can stacking subscription time.

Other IPTV is code-based, such as QHDTV. You have to wait for your code to expire and then log in a new code to use it, but iviewHD can be tied to multiple codes on one device and the time will automatically carry over.

For example, if your account has 13 days to expire, you can still purchase a new code and enter the new code on the same device, or you can even purchase four yearly code and enter them on one device.

If your old device is broken or some other reason that cause you to use a new device, again you can tell your seller about your code number and the Use ID of your new device so he can rebind it for you.

Not only does the Iview HD have these features, it also has many other benefits, such as:

1. Both iviewHD, Xtrix and Plus versions come with a free three-day test, allowing you to decide if it’s right for you by testing it before you subscribe.

(Note: It should be noted that one device can only test code once, if you have already tested on device, you will not be able to enter the test code on this device again.)

2.Many IPTV only have yearly subscriptions, iview/ Xtrix has 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscriptions. Meet the subscription needs of different people.

3.The Plus version has more features such as 7-day playback, you never have to worry about missing the match! The exclusive Family Pack allows you to have the same channels and features in every room of your house. And best of all, there’s a recording feature so you can record as many channels as you want!

We’ll talk more about the features and procedures of the plus version in a future article, you can pay attention to us for more information about iview hd and other streaming media updates.

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