How to lock Subtv/Bmytv iptv channels?

SUBTV/BMYTV iptv has worldwide channels list, including thousands of live channels and vod movies, tv series. Subtv/BMYTV apk compatible countries includes France, Arabic, Africa, Sweden, UK, Turkey, Canada, etc.. Any way, if you are interested in Subtv/BMYTV channels list, contact us for free trial code to test first!

If you want to set some channels to parent mode that forbids your children watching, you can lock those channels directly. Follow the steps below to lock or unlock channels.

First, choose the channel you want to lock, click Menu botton on remote control, and the screen will pop up message like the picture.

Click Lock channel, and the channel get locked directly, if you want to watch the channel again, need to input the Initial password first. You can also change your own password.(Initial password: 888888)

On the other hand, if you lock the channel accidentally, and want to unlock. Use same way, click the channel first, and when it pops up message, click Unlock channel and input the initial password.

Then the channel will be unlocked, and you can watch freely!

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