How to Lift the Regional Restrictions on Samsung Smart TVs?

If you want to change the Samsung Smart TV area because you can’t access certain apps, you can see this article to find the way to solve this problem.

While the exact steps to make this happen depending on the exact model of Samsung Smart TV you have, the setup is similar.

Samsung Smart TVs are excellent TV devices that allow you to enjoy a wide range of useful apps and premium online content just as you would on your smartphone or PC.

They come with a smart menu system called Smart Hub, which allows users like you to access all the features these TVs offer, downloading apps, and games and browsing the Internet.

However, Samsung Smart TVs will offer different apps depending on where they are sold. For example, if you purchase a TV from outside the U.S., you will not be able to access apps specifically for the U.S. market.

Fortunately, there is a workaround if you want to access apps for other regions, but this will only help you partially. For example, you can use the settings to change the region of your Samsung Smart TV.

Today we will let you know how to Change the Regions on Samsung Smart TVs.

Our approach is to divide Samsung TVs into two types: 2018 or earlier models, 2019 or later models.

1. Enter project mode

2018 or earlier models: let the TV in black screen standby, use the project remote control to press “INFO” – “MENU” – “MUTE” – “POWER” buttons (MUTE-1-8-2-POWER) and wait for the TV screen to be activated, then it will automatically switch to the project mode menu.

2019 or later models: An Android phone with IR function is required.

When the TV is in a bright screen, open “IR Service remote” and press “S1”-“S2” to enter the project mode menu.

2. Save the original parameters

To prevent irreversible and fatal problems with the TV after changing the area, have to take pictures of the four screens before operation after the TV enters the project mode.

Press “Option”, click the “OK button” to enter, and then use your phone to take a picture of the current screen.

“MRT Option”, “Production Option”, “Engineer Option

3. Change area parameters

After saving the picture, press “Back” to exit to the upper menu, move the cursor to the “Local Set” option and press “OK” to enter, move to the area code you want to switch in the pop-up “Local Set List” list, select “AD_AU2” for the U.S. area, then press the “OK” button of the remote control to return automatically.

This is a very important step, many parameters will be changed because the area has been changed, here you need to check one by one according to the previous saved menu photo.

4. Change the service location

Press the “Power button” on the remote control to turn off the TV after all parameters are set and no errors. After 10 seconds, press the “Power button” on the remote control again to turn on the TV.

The system will automatically switch to simplified Chinese after power on because the “Language Set” option has been set to “English”.  Use the remote control to select “Settings” – “Support” – “Self-diagnosis” – “Reset Smart Hub” and enter the PIN code “0000” and the system desktop will reboot.

After reboot, the cursor will move to “apps” to pop-up the “Agree to Terms” page, use the remote control to press “Mute” – “Volume +” – “Channel +” – “Mute” button and the TV will pop-up the “Internet Service Location Settings” option.

Use the remote control to move the cursor to the region you want to switch to, such as the United States or Hong Kong, and then wait patiently to return to the “Agree to Terms” page, and then check the boxes in turn until the last step is successfully activated.

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