How to install IPTV on Google Chromecast?

If you are an avid viewer and looking for all kinds of entertainment in one place, IPTV is the way to go. It offers live TV, movies, TV shows, series, sports, news and more through a single subscription. IPTV is available for streaming on Android, iOS, TV, and some other devices. Some players may even support streaming devices and smart TV platforms. It’s time to stop streaming content on the small screen, because you can access IPTV on the big screen by connecting your Google TV device to your TV. If you want to know how to watch IPTV on Google TV, here we will let you know.

Steps to download the third-party apps on Google Chromecast ATV Box:

1. Open Google Play Store, search “Downloader” APP, and download and installed it.

2. Open the “Downloader” App to install unknown application permissions
Settings-system-about-Android TV OS build (Click 5 times until you open developer access) Go back to Settings-App-Security & Restrictions-Open the “Downloader” App to install unknown application permissions

3. Open the “Downloader” App and enter the download link of the third-party App

4. After downloading and installing, you can use the third party App

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