How to get a projector with Android?

   Recently, a customer asked me if the projector could use IPTV apps. Because it is very troublesome to connect to mobile phones or TVs, which projector supports downloading IPTV apps? I understand what this customer means, he needs a projector with an Android system, just like an Android box, and he can download apps freely without connecting his mobile phone or tablet.

  Fortunately, this year we happened to launch a batch of Android-powered projectors, and you are free to choose whether or not to connect with other devices, which largely solves the problem of cumbersome use! Let’s take a look at what this projector with Android and the ability to freely download IPTV apps has to offer!

Xnano X1 AOSP Home Theater Cinema Projector

1. New wireless Wi-Fi Internet function, equipped with Android intelligent operating system instrument
2. Support WIFI connection; HDMI interface, support original projection function.
3. USB interface, support USB keyboard and mouse, and at the same time, you can directly project videos, pictures and music in USB;
4. small size, easy to operate, multi-function, multi-support, portable

To sum up Android smart projector with all the functions of a normal projector, and also has an independent Android system no longer rely on mobile phones or computers, you can install your favourite applications to the projector, just like a TV box, but more convenient than a TV box, you no longer need to connect to the TV!

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