How to get a family package subscription

Many Streaming media only support one device and only one account at the same time, such as FEXTV, QHDTV, BEST HD and so on.

What should many people do if they have multiple devices at home and want to use one account at the same time? Subscriptions for multiple accounts are also more expensive.

It is recommended that you can use Xtrix tv plus family package(Same as iview hd plus & ATV plus)

What is Xtrix Plus Family Package?

The Xtrix Plus Family Package is designed for families with multiple devices, allowing you to use multiple devices at home at the same time.

1. For Xtrix Plus Family Package, can be known as Multi-Device IPTV or Multi-Room IPTV. When you subscribe 12months code for Xtrix Plus, then you can pay 60% OFF price to buy Xtrix Plus Sub-Device Code to activate more devices for your family.
(Please note: 1. max at 4 devices in total (1 Master Device and 3 Sub-Devices). 2. One Sub-Device Code is for one Device only. )

2. You need to install Xtrix Plus APK & Sub-Device APK to use Family Package, both APKs support Android TV Box, Firestick, Android Phone, Android PAD, Samsung Phone, and so on. (At the end of the article we will attach the download link)

3. One Device can be used in the Living room, the other device can be used in the sleeping room at the same time.

How to use Xtrix plus Family Package?

1. First you need to download and install Plus APK & Sub-Device APK on your device.
For example, if you have 3 devices in your family, you bought 1 plus code (123456c) + 2 sub codes (e123c+e456c). You need to download 3 apk in your devices. Master Device need to install Plus APK, Sub-Device need to install Sub-device APK.

2. After you install the APK, Master Device only need to enter the Plus code(123456c). Sub-Device need to enter the Plus code(123456c) and 1 sub code(e123c). Other device need to enter the Plus code(123456c) and another one sub code(e456c).

Note: To be eligible for the Family Package, your Plus subscription code must be valid.

Someone may have question:

Is there any function difference between Master Device & Sub-Device?
99% are the same, including all Live Channels & VOD. The only difference: Sub-Device does not have Cloud PVR Function. Because now system does not support.

Am I allowed to use each TV on different IP or ISP?
Watching on one device, you can connect any TV to any Internet Provider in the world. Watching on over 2 or 3 devices at the same time, need to under same IP/ISP(ONE IP Network)

Family Package APK download link:

Plus Sub-Device download link:

If you still have any other problems, please contact me. We provide professional IPTV questions and answers, also if you are interested in IPTV subscription.

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