How to check Best HD iptv account on android apk?

We need to log in the username and password for Best HD iptv apk to get live tv channels list worldwide and watch. There is one situation that we got no channel list, just black screen, after log in the account.

For this problem, first we need to click the circle to refresh the page, normally it will re-load the channel list.

If refresh doesn’t work, then we need to check wether we input the username and password correctly.

First, click Setting on the main page, and then choose Best HD iptv, next page it will show the username and password you input as the following pictures steps.

If you have done all those steps, and your internet is no problem, like watching youtube, netflix, but still no channel list, then contact with us immediately! Our engineers support team will help you out.

WhatsApp: +86 176 8876 8267


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