How to change the Language of IPTV?

Some people want to change the language of IPTV because they can’t understand the original language of the IPTV, so today this article is to let you know how to change the language of IPTV.

Change the language on your device

Most IPTVs do not have the function of modifying the language inside, so you want to get your country language, you can try to change the language on your device. For modifying the language in the Android device, you can modify the language in the settings, the following are the steps: (P.S Most Android boxes can modify the language when they are used for the first time, just like when you use your mobile phone for the first time, Android The box will also remind you to change the language of the device when using it for the first time.)

You can find all languages here, including the language of your country and region, and just select it.

When you change your Android box (after the language of your other devices), usually the IPTV language in the device will also change, so most users only need to modify the language of the device to use IPTV in their own country’s language.

Of course, there are also some IPTVs that support language change.

Change Language on your IPTV

For some IPTVs, changing the language is also in its settings. Here we take FEXTV as an example: FEXTV itself supports changing some languages, and users can change the language in the settings.

There is one thing that needs to be paid attention to: whether changing the IPTV language or changing the device language, it only changes the language on IPTV. It can’t change the channel language. If the channel is an Arabic channel, then the language is Arabic and no one can change the language within the channel and program by changing the device or IPTV language. The channels & VOD & Series language is fixed and cannot be changed. It is also impossible to add subtitles in this language by changing the device language. If you need subtitles in different languages, please contact your IPTV provider for feedback.

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