How to become Iview/Xtrix/Atv reseller?

Recently we have received some massages that our customer want to become a reseller.

So here I will introduce these three IPTV:

Iview HD / Xtrix TV/ATV:

Suggest: UK, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Italia, Pakistani, USA, India, France, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Arabic, Albania, Netherlands, Balkan, adult

Xtrix tv/Iview HD/ATV subscription now only supports android devices and Firestick. 

Xtrix tv/Iview HD/ATV IPTV apk with same channel list, are the most stable IPTV server, offer best user experience, especially for live sports time.

If you live in Europe(like the UK, Germany, Italy, French, Greece, Turkey, India, Cyprus, Arabic, Russia, Albania, Balkan, Belgium, Netherlands, etc), I recommend you to use Iview/Xtrix/Atv, because it is very safe and stable.

Benefits after becoming Iview/Xtrix/Atv reseller:

-Dedicated customer service

-Special training, let you understand this IPTV faster

-Enjoy reseller price in future even single one code order

-After becoming a reseller, you will be able to get the qualification to open a panel.

So if you are interested in becoming Iview/Xtrix/Atv reseller, please contact me, I will give you a quote.

WhatsApp: +1 (978) 432-9169

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