ForeverPro M3U Playlist for Smart TV

ForeverPro iptv also has M3U playlist for Samsung/LG smart tv smart iptv app, or kodi player. Today, we talk about how to get ForeverPro iptv channels with smart iptv app on Samsung smart tv first.

First of all, please confirm you have installed smart iptv player on Samsung smart tv, and already activated its MAC address.

Then go to smart iptv official website:,

Input MAX, and ForeverPro m3u playlist by URL, and click Send. (Make sure you input smart iptv app mac address, and m3u correctly), then exit the website, and restart smart iptv to download channels list, when get message: 1 URL added! Restart the App.

Have question? How to get ForeverPro iptv m3u playlist? Well, here I am! WhatsApp: +86 176 8876 8267

3 days free test m3u playlist, or one year subscription avaiable anytime!

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