For all QHDTV customers—-The best time to change

QHDTV has been experiencing constant problems recently, and various problems often occur.

Especially when a big match starts, there are often a series of disconnection phenomena. In fact, we have already said about this issue a long time ago, because of the bandwidth of QHD and other reasons, this bug will appear once the number of people using QHDTV to watch a big match.

We fully understand the frustration of QHDTV being stuck or not being able to watch when watching big matches! Therefore, we have been communicating with engineers to find a solution, but finally told them that this issue can’t be solved!

So we are also looking for a new IPTV that can replace QHDTV and be more upgraded and optimized on the basis of QHD.

After half a year of trial operation, we finally chose this IPTV—-FEXTV.

FEXTV has higher bandwidth and is able to accommodate more customers at the same time using without stress and lag.

At the same time, FEXTV has more channels options. 

Right now QHDTV doesn’t work on some devices, but FEXTV makes up for that. FEXTV can be used on almost all devices such as IOS/ Android/Magbox/ Smart TV/Firestick and more!

I understand that many customers buy QHDTV at very cheap prices, so is normal to think the FEXTV price is too high. 

In fact, the price of FEXTV is higher than QHDTV because daily system maintenance and high bandwidth require manpower and money. Including the update of the latest movie, the optimization and upgrading of the channel requires the joint efforts of many engineers.

Since last year we have found that qhdtv is unstable. We are always looking for new iptv alternatives to qhdtv.
After half a year of trial operation, we finally chose FEXTV.

Hope you all start making changes today. This is the best time to change!

If you need to test FEXTV for free, please contact me, I will send you 2 days free trial ASAP:



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