Shipping and Delivery

Q1: Does the item come with free shipping?
A: Free shipping service is provided by PLEASE NOTE You may incur extra shipping costs if the address is a remote location (at standard market rates).
Q2: How long does delivery usually take?
A: The product will be shipped 1-7 working days after purchase. 
Q3: Which post and express will be used?
A: It depends on the destination country. 
Q4: How to check the status of my package?
A: Get your tracking number from order detail or your email.
Q5: What countries do you ship to?
A: Global.
Q6: Can I change my delivery address after the product has already been shipped?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot change shipment information once the product is on the route.
Q7: What do I need to do when I received a product that’s different from what I ordered?
A: Please Email:
Q8: How is the customs clearance?
A: Receiver
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