ClubTV VS iview HD, are they same?

Recently we had a client who approached us and wanted to be our reseller, I let him test iview HD and Xtrix TV. After we quoted, he told us that he currently sells an IPTV that is exactly the same as Xtrix, but the price is very cheap. The IPTV name is Clubtv.Today, let’s compare whether these two iptvs are exactly the same as the customer said?
Two well-known iptvs in the iview series are iview HD and Xtrix TV. Why are there two iptvs instead of one?
This is because of restrictions in some countries and regions, iviewHD cannot be used in Australia and New Zealand, in order to solve this problem, Xtrix tv was launched. The channels, menus, the main interface are all exactly the same.
Some people will also mistakenly think that ClubTV also belongs to the iview series, but it is not, they still have many differences.
1. Server stability
iview HD and clubtv are not the same servers, the service providers are also different. The iviewHD series has maintained efficient Live & movie updates and server maintenance upgrades since 2015. As a copycat version of ClubTV, the stability of the server is not as good as that of iview, and the update frequency of programs is lower than that of view.
2. Functional gap
The iview HD Plus version has the recording function, the ClubTV Plus version does not have the recording function. The function update of iview HD will be carried out according to user feedback. ClubTV completely copied the function of iview HD and does not provide a user feedback website.
3. Family Package
Both IviewHD Plus & Xtrix Plus support family packages, you can purchase one master code and max to three sub-codes to meet your different viewing needs in the family. ClubTV Plus doesn’t have to copy this function, which is a very important point to distinguish ClubTV Plus from iview HD Plus.
4. Panel Support
All resellers of iviewHD Series can choose whether to open a panel or not. Our panel can provide enough test codes for resellers. Users can choose to open codes for their customers in their own panel, and they don’t need to contact us again and again to purchase codes. At the same time, they can also enjoy exclusive panel prices. Many people who sell ClubTV may justify their copycat IPTV on the panels that “the panel is not safe and will be hacked”, but in the 7 years that iview has existed, there has never been a situation where the panel was hacked. And initially to provide a panel to the reseller is to facilitate the use of the reseller.

This is the main page of iview HD

 This is the main page of ClubTV

Although we do not recommend you to use pirated IPTV, it is undeniable that everyone’s needs are different. Even if you choose Clubtv for some reason or because of your budget, we can understand that. 

We write this article only because some people will promote a pirated IPTV under the name of iview HD. This is very unfair to iview HD, because we have been working hard for all customers to use streaming media better, we don’t want our efforts to be denied by some people, misleading other customers who don’t know so that they think this There is no difference between the two. Finally, I hope everyone can find an IPTV that will meet their needs!

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