2023 IPTV Android TV Box Recommendation

There are many customers who use IPTV for the first time and don’t know how to select an IPTV TV box, this article will talk about how to select an IPTV TV box

1. Android System
Currently, the majority of Android set-top boxes for IPTV viewing are on the market, and the products are being updated very quickly. The most popular operating systems are Android 11 and Android 12. Some Android TV boxes are already available with Android 13.0.

2. IPTV Player
Some IPTV boxes come with their player, which makes it easy to use M3U URLs without the need for tedious downloads, provided that the IPTV you subscribe to supports the use of the player.

3. Memory
If you just watch live streams and do nothing else, then a 2G+8G or 2G+16G TV box is perfectly adequate. If you want to store a lot of content, it is recommended to configure 4G+32G, 4G+64G, 8G+64G, and 8G+128G IPTV boxes. In addition, the more memory you have, the faster it runs.

4. Chipset
The most well-known chipset on the market is Amlogic, followed by Granite, and finally Allwinner. Prices vary for the corresponding configurations.

5. Bluetooth
With or without Bluetooth, if the IPTV box has Bluetooth, it can connect to other Bluetooth devices.

Currently, many common IPTV boxes have WIFI, and many of them support dual WIFI (2.4G+5G). If you don’t like WIFI, you can also choose to connect a network cable.

7. USB Interface
USB allows you to directly access the contents of a USB flash drive or other USB device. Having a USB port makes it easy to transfer IPTV applications and install them more conveniently.

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