2022 How to Setup IPTV on MAG Box?

2022 How to use IPTV on MAG Box?

Mag box is different than Android box, it has its own unique system and do no need to download app, only need to setup the portal to use. 

Many people don’t know how to setup IPTV on Mag box. I will let you know how to setup IPTV on your magbox, usual we go through with adding portal to get IPTV subscription.

No matter which model box you use, magbox250/ mag box254/ mag box256/ mag box322/ mag box420/ mag box424 all is same step to setup.         

First if you have a new mag box, you need to found your MAC address( it’s on the back of the mag box) and then you need to contact to provider to activite your mag box and get the portal link from the provider.  

Note: Every company’s portal link is different, you need to ask your provider to get portal link.

After the provider activated your mag box, you can setup the portal. We use FEXTV‘s portal as an example.

Settings—-System settings—-Servers—-Portals—-Portal 1

After enter the portal go back and then go back to this interface. Click Restart portal.

After done, you can watch channels.  You can go to VIDEOCLUB to watch the movies and other options.

If you want to change the portal,  go to settings and then go down to find “Go to the inner portal” press “OK” and then you will go back the main menu, according to previous steps to enter new portal.

But some customers can’t go to system settings, then what they should do if they have this issue?

Just nee to unplug the box and then plug it again, wait once you can see loading portal and keep pressing on “SETUP” bottom and then it will go to System settings and can change the new portal.

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